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What is Growora?

A (nearly decentralized) conscious video platform designed to heal, elevate and empower humanity.

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We're on a mission to raise the consciousness of humanity.

Enabling Leaders

We've built our platform around enabling and supporting those who inspire humanity.

Empowering Humanity

Delivering powerful content, support, inspiration and motivation.

Preserving Knowledge

Building a blockchain focused on preserving alternative self-healing information.

Our Team

Plus thousands of amazing coders, bloggers, creators, server administrators, and all the love that's gone into Growora – all over the world.
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Our Story

We're a platform built from the heart, born from pure unconditional love for self-healing and humanity.

It was 2016 when our founder, decided to start his first YouTube channel. It quickly grew to tens of thousands of subscribers, yet, Kyle's videos were barely reaching one percent of the audience. He'd been shadow banned! His crime; speaking the truth and sharing wisdom in a world where everything is inverted, nothing is true and the vast majority of humanity is living in an extreme simulation.

Tired of producing inspiring, informative videos and only reaching a few hundred viewers, Kyle started developing a prototype video platform, perfecting the concept, building a management team, and eventually launching the alpha product in 2019, right before the global pandemic.

The idea of creating an environment where people can access the best teachers in health, wealth, and everything in between, became such an important vision with much of humanity locked in their homes. The idea continued to evolve, along with the situation on planet earth.

We became aware of the urgent mission to stand up to big pharma, big government, and the fascist police state that was destroying humanity. This war could not be won with violence, no cyber attack could bring down this monster.

The only solution is a decentralized information war that embodies love, kindness, self-healing, integrity, and truth.

Once we heal ourselves, we can heal the world.

Our Values

Trust, integrity, privacy and transparency combined with ancient Buddhist principles of Karma and purpose.

Trust & Integrity

We're building Growora with privacy in mind. Nobody should be tracked based on what they enjoy to learn. We will NEVER sell your data, any advertising you see comes from within the community.


We want to keep teachers and students completely in the loop with how we operate our platform. No more surprise algorithm changes, no hidden techniques or special behind the scene powers.


Our relationship with our users is like our relationships in life. Communcation is key! We'll always keep you up to do date, listen to you, learn from you and rectify any concerns you might have.

From The Heart

Everything we do comes from a place of Love, Charm, Development, Passion, Hope & Empathy. We believe strongly in Karma, the most we give the more we receive – including love and inspiration.


Our community is built on kindness and support. We have a strict policy against abuse and will remove and ban any users who don't learn and play nice. Kindness is king at Growora.

Giving Back

We generate massive income for our teachers, supporting them on their journey to help others. We also set aside 10% of our profits to give to various sustainable charities and organisations.


The human connection is what makes personal development much more encouraging. We strive to bring together teachers, students and partners to build a thriving community.


We've implemented various procedures and algorithms to ensure everyone stands a fair chance of succeeding on Growora. Whether you're a student or a teacher, we've got you covered.